Friday, September 30, 2011


when I saw someone that always make me happy

I will dancing like there's no end

when I saw someone that always stressed me out

I just gave them THIS !

No talking much just the action will solve it !

P/s : They deserved it !

Thursday, September 29, 2011


TOP : May I rapped a song for u, noona ?

BOM : Oh Tabi, u're so romantic ^^

GD : ( Hyung ? )

TOP : Bom noona, yeah! check it out! why're u so pretty these day !
I couldn't take my eyes from u, yeah !
*along with his beatbox*

BOM : * affected to TOP's rapping *

TOP : But all I've said are lying, yeah ! Yo, yo dont mad with me noona >o<

BOM : * shocked * Yah, why u little alien !
Come here, Yah !

TOP : Bye-bye noona, Haha ! * mocking BOM *
* quickly running really fast *

BOM : * chased TOP without ignoring around *

GD : What's going on just now ?
* clueless and continue his job, lol *

P/s : Just for fun ^^
Especially for " Alien " couple lovers !


YB : Yah, hyung ! Move aside ! Its my turn >.<

TOP : Whose have the sexiest legs ? Me or GD ?

GD : Of course I am ^^ U can't defeat me lol ^^

VI : * starring at GD's legs *
Hyung, how come ur legs more sexy than me ?

GD : Ahaha, maybe I have my own tips, who's want ?
Please raise ur legs now ^^

VI : Me ! Me ! * raise one of his legs *

TOP : I wanna too >< * try his best to raise both his legs *

YB : Yah, whats all of u talking about, we're in the middle of games

GD : Okay, I will reveal my secret to all of you !
Lets follow me ^^ Youngbae ! U wanna knew too rite ?
Come ^^ Leave the games !

YB : Hurm...... * Quickly chased GD when he started to running *

VI : Hyung ! Wait ! * Hurry chased his hyung *

TOP : Yah, wait ! How dare all of u leave me !
* Tried chased Seungri *

p/s : My first scenario lol ^^

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Okay, time for KMW Part 3
The most moment that I waiting for, Yeah !
I started to push on the button on my crown lighstick
Start waving it in the air with other VIP
Its SEUNGRI from BIG BANG of course ^^
Yeah, maknae will leading the party !

Fans starting screaming crazily include of course ME :D
Then, he came out with " VVIP " songs
Actually, I'm still blur, is this real ? Oh man ! He's on Malaysia's stage
I'm continue screaming and scream again
Make some noise !

I'm getting excited and start sang along, of course lah !
Then, there a short break for interview with SEUNGRI
SEUNGRI really want hear screaming of Malaysian VIP, lol
He stood up for a little moment and lets the VIP screaming crazily

VI : " Whassup Malaysia ! I'm Seungri from Big Bang ! "
MC : " How isn't feel in Malaysia ? "
VI : " Finally, Big Bang in here, so my first time in Malaysia, so I'm excited "
MC : " I think the fans even more excited, what do u think about the fans in Malaysia ? "
VI : " Malaysian Fans BAGUS ! I think BAGUS !
Good ! Yes ! "
* while pointing his hand to the crowd *
MC : " More than BAGUS, I'll teach u SANGAT BAGUS ! "
VI : " SANGAT BAGUS ! Whats that mean ? "
MC : " Means very BAGUS ! "
VI : Ah, like Awsome !
MC : " Yeah ! "
VI : " SANGAT BAGUS everyone ! * He makes his thumbs up to the crowd "
MC : " Fans in Malaysia expect to see here u more often "
VI : " I'll see u soon ! Like concert or live performance or album "
MC : " U guys have a lot of concert that u can go now, Yeah !
U can go to the Park Jung Min concert, u can go to the Seungri and Big Bang concert "
VI : " Ah, I think ah, I dont like concert, its like ah, I want...I want live here ! "
MC : " U wanna live here ? Seungri want to live here !
I bet ya, they'll more excited ! They say come to my house ! I see ! Pick me, pick me ! "
VI : Ah, so lets have some fun tonight ! "
MC : " Sounds good ! Seungri is gonna make u guys have the best nite of ur life !
Are u ready for Seungri ? Victory ! Come on ! "
VI : " Are u ready for party tonight ? "
MC " Lets the party start it ! "
VI " Lets rock and roll, baby ! "

Then he performed " Strong Baby " for his second performance

" What Can I do " was his end of his performance

I feel I wanna jumping like others VIP
But there's no one was standing at free seating
I afraid that I'll blocking other fans, but nvm maybe next time
Seungri really really amazing guy, noona love you ^^
* even we in same age but i born 7 month earlier, Lol *

Then, the last performance that make fans even crazily
Of course GD&TOP leh, I've been waiting for this !
* Screaming even more crazy like there's no end *
They appear with " Knock Out " song

TOP : " Say yeah ! "
FANS : " Yeah ! "
TOP : " Say A-Yeah ! "
FANS : " A-Yeah "
TOP : " Say A-Yeah ! " (again)
FANS : " A-Yeah " ( again )
GD : " Say uh uh " (along with TOP's beatbox)
FANS : : " Uh uh "
GD : " Say uh uh " (again )
FANS : : " Uh uh " ( again )
GD : " Wassup, wassup, wassup wassup, wassup, wassup "
( Fans followed the leader )
" Now screammmmmmiiingggg ! "
* Fans screaming again ! *
GD : " Wassup Malaysia ! How the party tonight ? Are u guys having fun ? "
FANS : " Yeah ! "
GD : " Really ? "
FANS : " Yeah ! " ( even louder )
GD : " We're GD&TOP ! we're gonna make u crazy tonight ! "
TOP : " Yeah ! "
GD : " Please show me ur love, rite ! Are u ready ? Are u ready ? Whats next ? "
TOP : " Lets go OH YEAH ! "

Then, of course with the short break interview with GD&TOP

MC : " Oh yeah, yeah, GD&TOP ! The legendary ! Oh my goodness !
That's make sense, the legendary GD&TOP ! Unbelieveable !
I'm standing next to GD&TOP ! U've get the picture up,
take the picture guys, come on ! GD&TOP rite here ! Snap those picture !
There u go make the flash goin' up, unbelieveable !
Alrite, whats ur first impression about all Malaysian fans ? Givin' up man ! "
GD : " Wassup Malaysia ! I'm G-dragon ! Nice to meet ya "
MC : " TOP ? "
TOP : " Nice to meet u, I'm TOP ! "
MC : " U know GD&TOP track fans whereever they go,
u know everytime they in the airport, I means everyone waiting there,
Its amazing how popular this two are and the rest of Big Bang as well,
How do u like Malaysia ? "
GD : " Ah, its amazing ! Like .... (what I heard was screaming) Everybody knows Big Bang
(screaming loudly) I love this place ! I love you ! "
MC 1 : " U know I'll tell u story, I was in Singapore, Big Bang came last time "
MC 2 : Alrite !
MC 1 : " And there's a girl approach me and she was like, Oh u are DJ rite ?
I said ya, I thought she was approach me rite ? She said Where's TOP ? "
MC 2 : " Oh no !
MC 1 : " I dunno ! "
MC 2 : " Thats sad and embrassing ! "
MC 1 : " I dunno where's TOP is "
TOP : " Rite here ! "
MC 1 : " Haha, rite here ! "
MC 2 : " They've got the sign said MARRY ME ! " * pointing to the fans *
MC 1 : " This hairstyle is ur new hairstyle ! "
GD : " Yeah ! "
MC 1 : " It is good ! How do u like this new hairstyle ?
* Fans respone with screaming *
GD&TOP : " Aight ! "
MC 2 : " I'm gonna say Malaysian fans, we're also lucky tonight here and
I'm gonna ask to do now, scream to the max ! Come on !
* Fans screaming and screaming again even louder "
MC 2 : " Show them, we're the best Korean fans in the world ! "
MC 1 : " Like the whole world is cheering for u guys, yeah ! "
TOP : ( speaking Korean, I can't understand but still cheering for him ! )
MC 1 : " Did u planned for a Malaysian concert for Big Bang ?
* Can't heard GD&TOP voice becoz of the cheering from the fans *
MC 2 : " I think they've actually speak thats the answer, Am I rite ?
Are u ready to going crazy ? GD&TOP will gonna drive u crazy rite !
Lets gonna scream for GD&TOP ! "

The last but not least, of course " High-High " will be the climax of the concert !

Ah, I sang all their songs, even my pronoounce terrible
But, I still wanna sang ! I didn't look at anyone !
Just focus on them and let myself followed the flow of their music
until at the same time, my friend asking for binocular
I didn't noticed her, Sorry dear ! I was like dazzled by their performance
I didn't heard anything except them !

I'm proudly non-stop waving my crown lightstick since Seungri's performance
I really enjoyed much and screaming much and waving much ^^
I thinks my body was in pain, especially my throat and my hand
* Maybe waving too much, definitely ! Excited leh ^^ *
Fortunately, I've still have my voice and my other part of mine are stable ^^

Thats the day that I ever can forget !
I'll be there next time, oppa !
We'll waiting for ya !

P/s : I love u guys so much !
Still heard their voice everywhere and remembered the day !

Monday, September 26, 2011



Okay, we'll in KMW Part 2
Then there were the only one girl group coming up, Its 4 MINUTE ^^
They were my fav group too =) I'm 4NIA too rite ? ^^
They began their performance with their hit songs, " Mirror Mirror "
* Fan boy screaming crazily, lol ^^ *

Haha, I sang almost of this songs too ^^
After that, they having short interview with MC
I cant find the vid, but they tried to communicate with fans in English
They've introduced " Kami 4 Minute, Apa Khabar ? "
Even though they had mistaken word, at least they've tried
Good work 4 MINUTE !

Then, move to " Heart to Heart ", Love the chorus meh ^^

" I My Me Mine " following

Then " Muzik " and " Hot Issue " will be the end of 4 MINUTE performance

Woah, really sexy and pretty ladies ^^
This time were fan boy turn screaming and cheering
I love their performance ^^

Next, will be U-KISS performance, I love their 0330 songs !
My friend really excited becoz she's a KISS ME
I'm not KISS Me but i'm just a random fan ^^
They sang " Binguel Binguel ", " Everyday ", " Never Land ",
" 0330 " and " Man Man Ha Ni "
I cant find 0330 fancam (T T)
Well, enjoyed Kiss Me ^^

Thanks for her effort to recording and sharing with us !

Oh, after their performance, there's no KEVIN and DONGHO
Becoz U-KISS have to back to Korea ASAP

Then PARK JUNG MIN turn, " Not Alone " leading his performance
I've sang along this song and I feel I love this song ^^

Then he sang another songs " Because Its You ", " Everyday Its My Christmas " ,
" Missing You " and " Let Go "
I didn't knew his songs but just follow the flow
And there's Park Jung Min' fans at free seating area sing along and gathering
waving their lightstick to support Park jung Min from far
They were really great fans !

Oh, Park Jung Min had greeting their fans with Chinese and Malay language
Then, there's a part when he forgot, he took out his tiny paper and read it
He say " Sangat gembira, saya akan buat yang terbaik untuk kamu semua "
Then he'll find that he have mistaken word and he laugh
Then he speak in Korea to continue his word
Aww, so cute ^^

He had performed his " hip-twisting " dance

Okay, finish KMW part 2, Part 3 coming up !



Okay, where should we start this precious experience ?
Lets go straight to the main point rite ?
When the concert had began, Yeah !

FT ISLAND were the first leading, they are my favourite band ^^
I've almost memorize their HIT songs, am I PRIMADONA ? lol
Suddenly all the lights on stage was off
Then, I heard a voice sang the beginning part of "Hello Hello"
And all the lights was on and there's Lee Hong Gi and FT ISLAND
* all the fans screaming *

All the fans sang along the songs include ME :)
I've almost sang all the part of " Hello Hello" songs lol
Well we need to warm up guys, have many songs after that ^^

Then, they had an interview with MC
Oh, I forgot to introduce our special MC, they are KEVIN and DONGHO from U-KISS
with another two MC, MY DJ and SG DJ, I love their interaction with crowd, Thanks guys !

My friend shout out " Nasi Lemak " and " Roti Banjir ", Haha
Its according to our lunch just now, Lol ^^

Then, they sang " Love Love Love ", its my favourite songs too

Then they sang " Bad Woman" and " Bing Bing ",
I'm not memorize these songs just follow the music ^^
The last songs was " I Hope ", yeah ! I love this song !

Hong Gi's vocal really DAEBAK ! There's a part he sang high notes !
They got excellent response from the crowd
Almost everbody sang their songs ^^

Then, there will be TEEN TOP performance
I'm not their fans but I just followed the beat of the music
At the same time, I'm busy blew the valve thats we got it free of course
Ready for next performance ^^

Well, TEEN TOP performed " No more perfume on you ", " Brushing ",
" Intro (47") clap ", " Angel " and " Supa Luv "
They have great future and fans, Fighting !
I'll give you VVIP fancam, (I do not own this vid, credit to the uploader)
Special for TEEN TOP fans !

Okay, we'll go to KMW Part 2 ! Let's move on !


Finally, I went to KOREAN MUSIC WAVE 2011 concert
Its happen last Saturday on 24/9/2011

There are more 25 songs were performed that nite
Even I'm at free seating, I really enjoyed the concert ^^
I came there becoz I wanna see GD, TOP and VI
Other my fav group are FT ISLAND and 4 MINUTE
Woah, I still cant believe I had seem them on stage !

Oh, I'm really sorry coz I can't take the pic and vid
The result will be in bad quality pic and vid
Moreover, there's security check everywhere, really strict huh ?
Maybe next time, I will ^^

I hope I will able get the chance when BIG BANG come to Malaysia
Please come to Malaysia again ^^
Make your exclusive showcase here for Malaysian VIP


P/s : Baru terhegeh-hegeh nak post menda ni, kan ? Huhu

Monday, September 19, 2011


I heard today is Jiyong's omma birthday

Happy Birthday Omma XD

You have raise up ur Daughter and Son perfectly ^^

They have been perfect person in their life

Thanks again Omma ! Saranghae :D

I knew that ur children really loving you ^^

Dami and Jiyong

P/s : Btw can I be ur daughter in-law ? *wink*

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'll will prefer David Archuleta :D

than Justin Bieber ! Definitely I'm not his fan !

Even Justin more popular now and many girl craving for him

But i'm not one of them

But, I'm not a Justin Bieber haters just not his fan !

I love David because he's perfect !

He can sings well and cute :D

awww, look at him wearing baju melayu ^^

hey all, i'm ur david archuleta

P/s : Why he so perfect leh ? :3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Oh ya, i wanna post about this precious item
Its have reached safely ^ ^ I'm waited from a long time ^ ^
Actually its almost 2 weeks till I got this item
Not such a long period rite ?

Yeah, i got it this morning, Thankfully :D

I really love the case, looks exclusive !
Yeah, exclusive for VIP ^ ^
I wonder what inside it, Lets open !

Wow, what's this ? Pretty crown isn't ?
But what it is actually ? Lets find out ^ ^

Its a BIG BANG crown lightstick ^ ^
Its new version of them ! Lol !
Such a beautiful lighstick ^ ^

Oh, about price, trust me, its impossible to who are not VIP
But to VIP, maybe it will be consider

Lets watch this video ^ ^

P/s : Use it for KMW concert ! Lets hold our lightstick VIP !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Happy Birthday dongseng Z.I.C.O

You have reached 19 today, Congratulation ^^

Greatest birthday since you have debut as Block B's leader

I love your music :D

P/s : He have talent to produce his music as well as GD !
Good Luck Zico-sshi !

Monday, September 12, 2011


Okey, this time, I dreaming this oppa :D

Its TOP oppa :D
Yeah, sorry Syakirah Salleh, Farah Filzah and all TOP's girl fan
I dunno why he suddenly popped out
Well, I actually didn't remember my dream,
Its happen when i having fever on that night
Actually yesterday nite ^^

I'm just being his best friend and we laugh together
Eat together and mostly we make something together
At that time, I just say " Why he so nice and handsome ? "
He always being nice and friendly to me

Haha, Lol, just a dream rite
GD oppa, I always love you more ^^
p/s : Belum pi KMW dah mimpi macam-macam ! Teruk, Haha

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm happy sangat hari ini, sebab apa tau
sebab my chingu, Syakirah Salleh finally have upload that tix
Here it is, sesuai untuk tontonan umum ^^

Mampu beli yang ni je, ingat nak beli Rock Zone or VVIP
Tapi memandang kan free seating pun so expensive !
Jangan berangan lah, sedihnya :(

Free seating : RM 100 ++
Numbered seat : RM 200 ++ / RM 400 ++
Rock Zone : RM 500 ++
VVIP : RM 800 ++

Sekian di atas ada lah harga-harga ticket tuk KMW tu !

Tapi takpe, lets wait all BIG BANG buat showcase kat Malaysia
Baru revenge nak beli Rock Zone or VVIP
Itu pun kalau mampu lah ^^

Its conform mereka datang ke sini, ni shout out mereka ^^

GD : I'll be there
TY : Take me there !
VI : Awsome !
TOP : ....... ( smiling )

Oppa, I'll be there for ya ^^
Lol, Taeyang oppa, come here in Malaysia too
We all waiting for ya !

p/s : Ni belum tiba that day lagi ni *flutter*
Oh ya, barang misteri tu akan sampai next week
will upload it later ^^

Friday, September 9, 2011


I will never changed my mind, Definitely !

Even TOP oppa more handsome and sexy,

" Come on, I know u want me "
LOL oppa dont teasing me ^^

Even dongseng Seungri more cute than other panda,

" Noona, look at me only :3 "
LMAO he so cute !

Even Taeyang oppa more energetic and innocent,

" Yoyoyo, peace babe "
Omo, he teasing me too ^^

And even Daesung oppa more funny and friendly,

" Come on, come on ^^ "
Oppa, dont make me laugh again :D

But, my ultimate bias always him, NO DOUBT !

" Gee, thanks pick me babe ! "
Of course oppa ^^

Whatever he do, he always attract me XD

But, I still love five of them very much ^^

" Yo, BIG BANG rite here, babe "
Ya, all of them always by my side ^^

p/s : Nothing can replace them :D
Always in my blood ^^

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Based on why I love k-pop (Part 1)
I wanna show why I love them, my ultimate k-pop singer ^^

First, I had said that I love their MUSIC rite ?
Ya, I really love their music and all their SONGS
I'll always waiting for their comeback XD

Second, what did I said before ? Okay, their BEHAVIOR ^^
Look how dorky they was, but CUTE !

Then, I love their AURA, they always make I'm attract with them
I love their performance, talent, clothes, hairstyle and more !

And I love their cute expression ^^
They CUTE and ADORABLE, like and like and like thousand times

GD and TOP and YB and DS are my oppa
DARA and BOM are my unnie
CL and MINZY and VI are my dongseng, call me noona/unnie ^^

p/s : I love everything about them !
I love who they are ^^


Suddenly nak post pasal title ni, wanna know why ?
This is all about ^^

I will not looking for their looks and figure at my FIRST sight
Yes, i'll admit I'll will just praise them with their good looks but NOT enough to be
My FAVOURITE k-pop singer

I actually a choosy person :)
I will look them in many way and aspect
Even though they have their weakness, I will ACCEPT it
Because I had love and have my eyes on them ^^


First thing first, very important that I love their MUSIC
If I love more of their 5 SONGS and always wait for their COMEBACK,
thats make them my FAVOURITE k-pop singers ^^
Ex : 4 Minute, Block B and etc

4 Minute

Second, I love their BEHAVIOR, esp their FUNNY side XD
They are not pretending for sure ^^
Even how dorky are they, I love them !

Block B

Then, they can make I'm ATTRACT to them
They have their AURA to make me just look at them
Their talent, performance and etc

Ft Island

Another one, they are CUTE and ADORABLE XD
Thats very BIG bonus to me ^^
Oh ya, they can make cute expression too


Lastly but not least, I love WHO they are !
They just do what they think best ^^ Fighting !
Just be yourself ^^

Girl Generation

p/s : when once I love somebody, then I will love them forever ^^

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Aku ada baca satu kisah sorang blogger ni,
Dia memang really LUCKIEST fan ever lah
Dia ada cerita pasal pengalaman dia dengan ultimate band dia,

Aku memang sangat puas hati dengan karangan blog dia
Memang cerita satu persatu lah, I really LIKE !
Yelah, bukan semua orang dapat pengalaman macam tu kan
so kita must lah sharing with other fans kan ?
Lagi-lagi dengan u-kiss fan yang lain aka KISS ME

Time aku baca blog dia, aku boleh bayangkan aku ada kat sana
Aku punya tenung boleh tembus lah lappy aku ni
Tersengih sorang-sorang sampai mata aku pun ikut senyum je
Best tau tengok pengalaman orang macam tu
Dalam hati pun nak jugak kan macam tu, berangan dulu, Hehe

Aku even tak pernah minat u-kiss tapi aku paham perasaan dia
Memang bercelaru lah satu badan kan ?

Bayang kan kalau BIG BANG buat fan meeting macam tu kat Malaysia
OMG ! pasti aku nak grab dulu that ticket, mana boleh lepaskan kan ?
Tak dapat bayang if aku menjadi the LUCKY VIP ^^
Gerenti boleh pengsan pastu bangun balek, Haha
Tak dapat nak bayang kalau aku communicate dengan mereka

( Omo ! ! ! Thats my bias ^^ what should I do ! )

( He too cute and adorable )

( I will look at his sexy eyes and terkedu dengar suara dia )

( What a cute eye smiling ^^ cant stop look his eyes )

( He such a cute angel, :D )

p/s : Berangan aje aku ni, Haha
oh ya, kalau korang nak tengok blog dia
meh aku bagi address dia


p/s : omo, comel kan ? I like thousand times XD

I do not own this scenario and its credit to the owner ^^