Sunday, July 31, 2011


Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-mubarak :D

Semoga diberkati Allah selalu :D

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa and amalan yang baik !

Kali pertama mengajar di bulan puasa
Apa lah yang bakal dihadapi nanti
Kuatkan semangat hamba-Mu ini Ya Allah
Semoga mereka sentiasa mendapat rahmat-Mu

p/s : Tak sempat nak tangkap pic tuk Ramadhan wish ^^ Hehe

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I went out from a room for a moment
I dunno where is it but I feel like i'm in karaoke room
when i'm going back to my room, I get shocked !

" Who is he ? "

A namja reading a magazine in my room !

" Where he come from ? "
" I though I'm alone at my karaoke room "
* Cant believe i'm gone for karaoke alone ^^ *

The namja still reading his magazine and I looked at him

" Wait ! I think I recognize him ! It can't be ! "

I closed the door slowly and get approach him and asks him
" Excuse me ! Are you Jiyong ? GD in Big Bang ? "

Then he look at me and say
" Yes, I am ! "

" Oh my ! He is Jiyong oppa ! What should I do "
I feel like wanna jump high-high in the sky ^^
I cant control my feeling and I gave him a wide smile :D

" I'm your biggest fan, oppa XD "
I tell him and beware if someone hearing what i'm saying
I feel like I wanna locked the door ^^ so that nobody can enter my room

Then, he gave me a cute wide smile and say
" Really ? Yeah, I meet my V.I.P "

" Ah he such a killer smile, Its melt my heart "

Then I'm control my excitement and say
" Jiyong oppa ! I wanna take a picture with you
and get your special autograph "

Suddenly, he hug me tightly XD
and take my camera to take our picture ^^

Yippie ! I feel like I wanna time to stop for a while, Haha !
Then, he take out his camera for that moment
We had many conversation and he doing a lot of aegyo XD
Its drive me crazy and craving for him !

Actually I did'nt remember what are our conversation after that
But its feel like a real LOL !

TO V.I.P and GD BIAS ,
This only my dream ! Hope you guys get a beautiful dream like me :)
We are V.I.P to BIGBANG !

p/s : Pelik gak GD ada kat Malaysia tiba-tiba ^^