Tuesday, November 29, 2011


First of all, congratulation for the winners on MAMA 2011
Here the list :
1. Best New Male Artist : Huk Gak
2. Best New Female Artist : A Pink
3. Best Male Group : Super Junior
4. Best Female Group : SNSD
5. Best Male Artist : Kim Hyunjoong
6. Best Female Artist : Baek Ji Young
7. Best Dance Performance - Solo - Hyuna
8. Best Dance Performance Male : Beast
9. Best Dance Performance Female : Miss A
10.Best Band Performance : CN Blue
11.Best Rap Performance : LeeSsang
12. Best Vocal performance: 2NE1
13. Best OST : Baek Jiyoung
14. Best MV : BIGBANG
15 Song of the year : 2NE1 I'm the best
16.Album of the year :Super Junior Mr Simple
17.Artist of the year : SNSD

Congratulation to 2NE1 and BIG BANG :D
YG got three award ! Yeay !
Even though BIG BANG won 1 award only
Its doesn't matter, next time will be your turn ^^
Love ya <3

Congratulation A Pink, CN Blue and SNSD :)

* Credit to the uploader :) Thanks for sharing with us *

2NE1 performances

2NE1 won award

P/s : Semalam dapat tengok "live" kat youtube
Tapi oleh kerana asyik loading je, fed up rasanya, Haha
Takat dapat tengok 2NE1 jadi la :)
Tapi tetap sedih coz BIG BANG tak datang masa tu =.=

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Suddenly, i've dreaming him
Yeah, its TAEYANG oppa ^^

My friend, Lin and other TAEYANG fan girl, mianhae :)
Before sleep, i heard his new song, Tomorrow
Thats why I had dreaming him, Kekeke
Nothing happen just i've got his sign and picture ^^
And I also helping one of a VIP communicate with him
Luckily, he understand what i'm trying to say, Hehe
Then BIG BANG came include GD oppa :D
Then, i've chatting with them
Look like GD have more interest to communicate with me
* happy :DD *

P/s : Seungri and Daesung oppa were on the list in my future dream ^^
* GD oppa dont forget to appear next time *

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okay, both of them were talented but I knew Yuna first
So I've choose Yuna and love her more :D
No hard feeling just wanna sharing my thought

I adore her fashion when its involve with pants only
I dont like wearing "gown skirt" fashion

P/s : Btw i'm younger than her
She older 4 years from me :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ah, i'm dreaming him again XD

There was like 2nd Korean Music Wave concert in Malaysia
But this time was like extra special concert
Much more like GD fan meeting :D
A few V.I.P and I went on the stage, no one stop us from get on the stage
Like a VVIP speciality, Hehe
Stay beside him while he singing, he singing with his swag and smile :)
I took his picture and record his vid
I'm feel that I meet him like in real world
Then after his show, I need to back home and missed the end of the concert
Then I woke up, I feel like a real fan meeting
Take my camera out and check isn't a dream or reality
But there no picture or vid of him
Its a dream lah !

P/s : Oh my, really lucky if my dream comes true :DD

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Who have the best smile among Big Bang ?
Everyone can choose and comment freely
Whats your choice ? Tell me :)

1- T.O.P

He have sexy smile within his eyes, oh no !
Stop staring at me XD


No doubt ! He such a cute-cute maknae ever ^^
He's the king of aegyo :D


He have soft smile and make a heart keep warming
His eyes was smile too, omo XD


His smile makes everyone happy :D Angel-smile ^^
He can makes others laugh with him


He always makes my heart keep beating and happily
I love his priceless smile :D

P/s : So your choice ?
I'm totally pick G-DRAGON :D
No matter what, I always have my eyes on him ^^

Monday, November 7, 2011


Yeah, they win, they win ! *dances happily* :)

I have been voted for BIG BANG in a while

and *abracadabra* they finally be a winner on 6/11/2011

* tear of joy :) *

Thanks so much for V.I.P for keep united and keep voted them

I love V.I.P *hugs happily*

I knew they can win "Worldwide Act" MTV Europe award

Love from V.I.P :D :D :D

P/s : I'm proud being their V.I.P !
Saranghae BIG BANG :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Happy Birthday C.S.H oppa

< C.S.H stand for Choi Seung Hyun >

Hope oppa will have a great birthday day !

Love ya :D

P/s : Happy Birthday TOP oppa :D


BIG BANG ! I really miss u guys !

Big Bang Airport to Europe

This picture was taken on 3/11/2011, they went to Europe

Special for their MTV Europe Music Award

Daesung oppa ! Long time no see :)

GD oppa ! Glad you are fine :)
So happy when looked them together again ^^

P/s : Stay strong BIG BANG oppa :)
Good luck oppa !

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm paling suka tarian zapin :D

Tarian yang unik, custom yang smart and rentak yang catchy

Btw, I'm anak kelahiran Johor Darul Takzim

Even I'm dah stay Melaka almost 10 years ++

Rindu betul nak berzapin lagi, tapi takde peluang lah

Kalau ada peluang yang sesuai, mesti dah lama join dah ^^

Before ni dapat merasa berzapin pun masa PLKN

Memang kenangan terindah lah ^^

Tak dapat dilupakan pengalaman berzapin kat situ

Dua kali dapat berzapin kat sana

* Masa ni memang "tanned" muka masing-masing, Haha
Biasa lah dah nama PLKN kan ? *

* with our zapin instructor, cikgu mai and dayah *

Can you spot the chinese ? Satu Malaysia tau :)

Thanks everyone :D

Dua lagu ni jadi pilihan utk berzapin kat PLKN ^^

Kat bawah ni pulak contoh tarian zapin

P/s : Lepaskan gian berzapin kat rumah, Hehe

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


VI : Come on hyung,
we show to VIP who are the most cutest ^^

GD : Am I cute ? :D

TY : Yo, VIP !
* show his V-sign*

DS : Does that ur cute pose, hyung ?
*confused with TY*

TY : This is my cute hip hop pose

DS : Hello yeorobun :)
* smile widely and copied TY pose*

TY : Why do you copy me ?

DS : *pretend not hearing and continued smile*
Lol XD

TOP : Hello everyone :D
*smile and winked with his powerful eyes*
I'm assure many VIP will fainted

VI : I'm sure VIP will choose me XD

GD,TY,TOP and DS : (+.+)

p/s : so VIP, who are the cutest ^^
All of them were cute, but GD more cutest :D