Thursday, May 30, 2013


After I've been overnight there for a day
And my friend have been helped me a lot for other days
Finally I got my dream ticket! ^^

Thanks to my VIPs friend! xD
*non-stop bowing*
I definitely can't bought this ticket without them! ^^
Love you guys! ^.^
Yeay finally I got the ticket! xD
Got it fresh from the launch ticket event  ^^
okay here a bit of my picture during the queue :)

During the the night before launch day
Seriously there's ady have a lot lot lot of fans have been queue up that night
(ah the fans at the back of this standee ><)
- my place just beside this standee ^^ -

During the early morning -around 4-5 am-
Seriously I can't sleep beside the street, just take a nap for 1-2 hours only~

Here the day! ^^ The launch day! ^^
The day that VIPs been waiting for xD

9th in queue ^^ Excited! xD The first 10 person ^^

They've been start selling on 10 am :)
And I got my ticket around 10.30 maybe
*didn't manage to look at my watch that time*
There was a zig zag long line and way to go to that ticket counter
*makes me feel a bit dizzy and tired to follow all the line @.@*

GD's song have been played all the time
And definitely we're was too excited! xD
Even we're singing and fanchant together
I remember the first song when I step in was "Light It Up"
I can't tell how happy and excited I was that time
Feels like dreaming and wanna screaming when I hold that ticket with my hands
But still can control myself ^^ I just non-stop smiling widely :DD

p/s : The best moment in my k-poppers life ^^
Am I dreaming ? lol

Monday, May 6, 2013


Happy belated birthday April ! ^^
I'm sharing my birthday's month with these awsome idols xD

Kim Yoo kwon @ u-kwon
Block B's member
9 April 1992

Kim Nam Joo @ Namjoo
A-Pink's member
15 April 1995

Jung Soo Yeon @ Jessica
SNSD's member
18 April 1989

Kim Hyun Il @ Ray
c-clown's member
19 April 1994

Kang Jun
c-clown's member
21 April 1994

Kang Daesung @ Daesung
Big Bang's member
26 April 1989

Kim Sunggyu @ Sunggyu
Infinite's member
28 April 1989

p/s : Ray was so so so cute :3
can't resist him xD
Also cute grandpa Gyu xD 
I'm really miss u-kwon and Block B :(