Friday, November 16, 2012


Okay Part 2 here :)
After VIPs had a hard time in waiting Big Bang
Suddenly the lights turns off and everyone looked at the stage
The crowd turn into yellow crowd and the intro video have started played
Then the curtain have been dropped (STAY ALIVE-INTRO-)
VIPs start screaming and waving crazily
Its BIG BANG ! people !

Then straight to (TONIGHT) song, 
Without conscious, I've been jumping and waving crazily
Too happy and even fanchat and screaming loudly
Can't control the situation on that time :)
And my happy tears comes out 
Finally I can see them alive in front of me :')
Finally my dream comes trus X)
I miss that moment a lot :'((

Then (HAND UP) and (FANTASTIC BABY) song
I love this both energetic songs :D Its awsome and makes us feel energetic too *put ur hands up*
Even though I've been standing for a long hourssss

I had recorded the intro + tonight + hand up + fantastic baby songs but it turn out bad 
coz I've been jumped along with my camera
I'm confused which one is camera and lightstick
And start waving both of them LOL XD
That time I'm over excited and can't hold the camera properly :) heeee

Then, I will shared some picture that I've been managed captured on that time
I guess all of these pictures from their talking part 1
There's a lot of  TOP's closer picture coz he always wandering around premier rockpit A
Wish he drag along GD >.< huuuu


TOP and Taeyang :DD in talking part 1
Taeyang lead the crowd and VIPs followed what he have been saying ^ ^

Then (HOW GEE)  performance
Taeyang drag along his BMX bicycle on the stage ^ ^

I've been monitor on Jiyong on the big screen X) He so cute XDD

Oh ya, this my video that I've been record for How Gee
A lot of shakeness :)

Part 3 coming up ^ ^
P/s : I admit that TOP really handsome and flawless XD
He really close X)

Thursday, November 15, 2012



Annyeonghaseyo ^ ^
Okay as promised, i will post my experience in 
Its happen on 27 October 2012
Yeah XDDD Finally, I will able to post this ^ ^

Okay guys, I've been arrived there (Stadium Merdeka) on 3 pm
Actually I wanna be more earlier but I can't ~
At least in the morning :((
Many VIPs have been there and queueing
There's really a long queue man !
I didn't manage to shop and walk around there coz
I need to queue and futhermore I'm alone in that CAT 2 (A) (premier rockpit area)
My friend in CAT 5 (free seating area) and we've been splited ~
Then after the staff had helped with the queue and the stuff
I was suprised coz its actually i'm not really late that time
I think I can be more closer with stage :)
Suddenly its raining and fortunately I had grab my poncho earlier
VIPs still queueing even in heavy rain and wish will stop raining soon
Then, we heard BIG BANG's voice from inside the stadium XD
They made their rehearsel and welcoming us ^ ^
They also entertain us with their speech and songs
VIPs outside the stadium was so happy and enjoy the songs
Even fanchant together :D 
I've been queueing and standing alone in the line
 for almost 3 hours before the entrance open on 6 pm ~
Then after the entrance was opened and VIPs follow the line to get into the stadium
I actually have been lost for a few minutes to CAT 2 area
coz we need to go downstairs to reach the stage
Aish, if i'm not lost on that time ~ Its wasted my time :(
Then I ran and quickly find the best spot to be close to the stage
But only manage be closer with front stage
Its more than okay for me >.<

At first I've been in row 7th/8th from the stage
I had been find the chance to move foward that time

Then we've to standing and wait until the concert start on 8 pm
We've been entertained by non-stop BIG BANG mv
Fanchat together again XD Its was so fun ^ ^
Then, its raning again and more heavily than before
I can't get my poncho coz its really crowded there
I only placed a BIG BANG ALIVE towel on my head to covered my face
VIPs was really tested this time and we've been standing in the heavy rain 
Finally the rain have stopped and we've managed to look at the stage

Okay move to PART 2 please :D

Friday, November 9, 2012


Hello guys ^ ^ How have u been ?
I hope u guys will always fine ^ ^
Actually I want to update my precious experience in
But I decide want to post it during my holiday break :)
Okay hope I will able to post it before holiday end :)

Okay now I want to share my dream again ^ ^
I dreamed that i've got backstage pass and got special place and view
for GD&TOP and TY performances's rehearsel

I guess maybe its ALIVE TOUR in somewhere ^ ^
More closer view like they singing in front of me >.<
And I feel like on the same stage with them
I didn't knew where is me actually >.<
Then I've met SR and took a lot picture with him
Btw he really friendly (^ ^)
I had chatting with Lee Hyo Ri unnie too 
but didn't knew why she at there,haha ^^
I didn't manage to see others members especially GD ~
I have been went up stairs and get near to BIG BANG's room
Then my "FANTASTIC BABY" alarm had woke me up
DAMN ! I just want to go to their room !
P/s : Please let me dreaming during my holiday day T.T