Thursday, January 31, 2013


My student life had been change again 
I've just got a job offer from goverment just now
I had to leave my student life and have to choose work over study
According to my situation now, yes this was my decision :)
Each side had its own speciality
But I had to pick one  !

HWATING again ! New life just began again :)
Hope I will be able to go through this new life :)

p/s : I really love my student life ~ I love both ~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Happy Birthday January :DD

Nam Jihyun @ Jihyun (4 Minute leader)
9 January 1990

Lee Kiseop @ Kiseop (U-kiss member)
17 January 1991

Gong Minji @ Minzy (2NE1 maknae)
18 January 1994

p/s : Ah my minzy have been grown up already ^^

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm doing a lot of my own qoutes recently ^^
Its not a lot but I just begin doing it 
I've got an idea from a page
[Thanks for being my inspiration :D]

I will placed all my artwork qoutes here ^^
Start from my first piece ^^

My first qoute ^^
[ Its about my impossible love to GD XD ]
[ Big Bang was my inspiration in my life XD ]
[ Just said I don't care to haters and else XD ]

[ Yeah, my life being influenced by hallyu wave XD ]

[ My double swag check GD XD SWAG ! CHECK ! ]
I have been made for my friends too ^^ They requested from me :)
Here my piece of artwork :)


P/s : If u guys want, I also can do it for you guys too ^^
Just inbox to my facebook :)
I will try my best to doing my best ^^

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I wanna share three of my previous dreams and its about the same K-pop idols
Of course its related to Big Bang * wink ;) *
Its actually happen last year but I didn't managed to write them all in blogs
First Dream : -
Big Bang had performing live in somewhere in a hall
While Daesung had his own solo, then there was an accident and caused fire on his clothes

Then Daesung just take off his clothes and throw the clothes nearby
Then suddenly I dunno how its happen and nearly hit me
I think I'm too close with stage at that time 
Then fortunately staff do their quick action and no one hurts 
Seungri saw the accident and asked me if i'm hurt

Then I said I was okay and nothing hurt :)
* Seungri really take care of his fans well, aww Seungri :3 *

Then after they finish their performance, 
Seungri look at me and said "Good Luck" from far
I replied "Seungri,Good luck too" and smile :)
Suddenly, I saw GD on the back stage with a huge lollipop

I was plan to go after him after this 
But then suddenly I woke up ~Aish~

Second Dream : -
I was talking with GD and TOP in my home
GD talked with our language, while TOP talked with English
I dunno since when GD can talk our language fluently LOL :P
Then I got their signature and hug from each of them XD
Even its only dream but I'm totally happy :DD
My favourite OTP beside G-ri XD


Third Dream : -
I had met GD and sat beside him
Then take picture of him XD
Really short dream ^^ But its enough for me XD

p/s : I hope I can dream about them again and again :D
So do you guys too VIPs ^^

Friday, January 25, 2013


I had my own perspective here
I hope we can respect each other opinion ^^ 
Thanks :)

Okay before that I would tell a bit of myself
I'm not a girlish girl and I'm not so boyish
I'm only a female who love boyish fashion with a bit sense of a girl
 I have been born with this style since I'm small :)
* Just the difference I'm more boyish when I'm small LOL *
Lately, I have been discovered about tomboy
Actually its already happen in a long time since I'm small :)
Btw its a normal things to me ^^

Now i've been introduced to tomboy back, new version of tomboy ! 
At first, I just monitoring of them then suddenly *TUP TUP* 
I admit that I've been more more interested with them recently 
I love their hairstyle, fashion, their own style, charming and many moreee
For those who are usual in tomboy world, 
you guys must be very familiar with them ^^
My top 3 favourite !
 I knew that you guys knew them rite ^^ 
* Just keep hide their names :) *

Okay if have anything related this title just pm me on my fb ^^
Okay thanks again for viewing and respect mine :)
P/s :
Okay everyone had their own perspective, I understand
Include myself :)
By the way, I'm still a girl who love boys and just maybe have a bit of interest with tomboy LOL :P 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Actually I had knew them and love their (Paradise) song ^^
My favourite K-pop song ^^
But its took some times to be their fans 
And now I admit that they were great either ^^

Okay I had decided my bias and all of this was my sister's fault LOL
She had make me love Infinite like her, haha XD
I'm still confused of them but will take some time to know them
Just knew a few of them ^^

 Lee Ho Won / Hoya
Rapper, vocalist and main dancer
* He was my first bias here ^^ I dunno what make me attract to him, its just happen ^^
Maybe macho, cute and etc ^^ Ah dont forget, he was a rapper too ! * 
Jang Dong Woo / Dong woo
* As I've been said before, I can't run from them ^^ They had their own charming ^^ *

Nam Woo Hyun / Woohyun
Main vocalist
* I just attract to him ^^ * 

 Lee Sung Jong / Sung Jong
Vocalist and maknae
* He was a pretty boy ^^ *
Kim Myun Soo / L
Vocalist and visual
* He had many fans and its true that he had cute face ^^ Yup I admit he was popular !
Ah didn't knew this was a gif ^^ *
Kim Sung Gyu / Sung Gyu
Leader and main vocalist
* Its pretty weird here coz my first bias not a leader ! Oh my 
I love his face XD *
Lee Sung Yeol / Sungyeol
* He so charming tho ^^ *
omo there have 3 Sung brothers here !
p/s : 
I can't believe this
Am I an Inspirit now ?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Lately BLOCK B had their own issues with their company ~
You guys just can scroll the updates. I hope they were fine =.=

Please BLOCK B don't split  =,=

If you guys had to leave your company, please keep fight for BLOCK B sake  

Please keep continue BLOCK B !

You guys still have your BBC and your future careers !

Please dont disappoint us :(  You guys were so talented !

BBC always with u guys !

p/s : Sincerely, your Malaysian BBC !
Love Block B forever !
( I love them since their debut )


Now turn for B-TOB ^^
We're born to beat yo ! ^^

Seo Eunkwang / Eun Kwang
Leader and Main Vocalist 
* I've been decide that he was my first bias in BTOB ^^ 
His voice XD I'm melting *

Jung Ilhoon / Ilhoon
Main Rapper and sub-vocal
* I can't run from a rapper LOL :P He so cute tho XD *

Lee Changsub / Changsub
Sub- vocal
* I'm quite attract to him when he debut on Insane MV *

Shin Dong-geun / Peniel
* He's quite attractive to me ^^ and hardly choose between he and Changsub ^^ *

Lee Min Hyuk / Min Hyuk
Sub-vocal, Sub Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual
* He had a very cute face :3 *  

 Lim Hyunsik / Hyunsik
Lead Dancer and Main Vocal
* He had his own charming ^^ *

Yook Sungjae / Sungjae
Sub-Vocal and Sub-Rapper
* I heard that he had many fans too along with Minhyuk ^^ *

Actually, I still dunno how my list in BTOB 
I just love them all !
But Eun Kwang and Ilhoon was confirmed on the top of the list LOL :P  

p/s : Next INFINITE coming up !


Seem my favourite k-pop artist list will be increased
U can see them on my favourite k-pop artist on your right ^^
Okay now I really love BTOB and C-CLOWN since they debut ^^
Their songs, voice, style and etc really daebak !
And INFINITE too lately ^^

 Okay we'll start with C-CLOWN first ^^
I love all of them XD

 Yu Ba Rom / Rome
Leader and Rapper
* Ah, just a complete package !
I falling for him when I heard his rap for the first time ^^
He was my first bias in C-Clown :D *

Main vocalist 
* I really love his voice ^^ He really have daebak voice XD *

Kim Hyun II / Ray
* This cute boy really melt every noona's heart ^^
When he was in his first debut mv, I'm wondering how he really look like
He so cute :3 
Every cute boy like Kevin (U-kiss) and Chunji (Teen Top) I will placed them on number 3 on my list XD  *

Lee Min Woo / T.K
* He also talented in rap ^^ Go T.K ! *

Kim Tae Min / Siwoo
* Ah what can I say this, he's pretty ^^ btw never thought this picture was a gif ^^ *

Lee Jae Joon / Maru
Rapper and maknae
* This boy really young and talented ^^
I placed him on my last list coz I'm too old for him,haha LOL :P
I share same age with Rome ^^ *

p/s : Mostly I love someone who can rap well ^^
Also many of my bias was a leader and rapper XD

Tuesday, January 22, 2013



Okay here my second day in G.D.A :D
Today I've been queue early than before
Its kinda early but not so early la ~
Today Mr.GD will perform so I have been enthusiastic to came early ^^
So today I've got enter the actual rockpit area
I've been in row 3/4 at first in rockpit line

But when the concert have been started and everybody gonna wild
I'm afraid that I can't see the performance well
Then I just think that i should bought the Samsung Galaxy zone
But what can I don't have extra money :(
Then after I've been survived for a few minutes
Then I made my decision to look the performance from the back
* I should bring my little stood for stand next time ~ *

Suprise ! The view from the back was too clear
But not too far at the back ~
I'm satisfied with the view ^^

Oh ya please keep update with my channel in youtube
coz I'm still uploading my fancam there ^^
Hope u guys enjoy (^^)

Okay here a bif of the event ^^

 MC Day 2 : Hongki (FT Island) and Dasom (SISTAR)

 I will list all the performances and etc below ^^
Not in sequence :) Just random :)
 Btw if I had any mistake or miss something just comment below :)
Thanks so much for your concern ^^

 1. T-ARA - Lovey Dovey
I really love (Lovey Dovey) song and I can't remember their other songs ~
(Any Queens here ? ^^)

2. Miss A -I Don't Need a Man/Touch
(I Don't Need a Man) was one of my favourite song by Miss A and i'm not Say A yet ^^

3. B.A.P -Warrior/Power
I love their performance but i'm not Baby yet ^^
Yongguk had caught my attention so far :)

4. Lee Ha yi -1234/Mamadu
I support her coz she one of YG Family ^^
But not her fans yet :)

5. SISTAR -Alone/Loving You
My favourite song was (Alone) ^^

6. Ailee - I'll Show You/Umbrella
Still looking foward with her ^^
(I'll Show You) was my favourite song ^^
I have been took her picture but didn't found ~ Sorry for that ~

6. Huh Gak
His voice really nice ^^ but I forgot the title already ~Mianhae ~

7. F(x) -Jetstar/Electric Shock
My favourite member : Victoria/Krystal
I'm a part of AFF(X)TIONS too ^^

8. K.Will - Please Dont/Need you
He really look alike Daesung ^^ I love his voice and songs ^^

9. Teen Top - To You/Crazy
My favorite member : L.Joe/Changjo/Chunji
I love all their songs <3 2nd="" best="" br="" day="" fancam="" i="" my="" on="" think="">

10. Epik High -Up/Fan
My favourite member : Tablo
Support them ^^ YG family !
There was another one song but forgot the title ~

11. Secret -Love is Move
There was another one song ~ Forgot again, Mianhae ~

12. G-DRAGON - One of A Kind / Light It Up ft Tablo / Crayon / Heartbreaker
The man who i've been waiting for !
A boy who would be my reason I've been there for 2 days
My first bias on my Korean list (^^)
He was so fantastic baby ! I just enjoyed his performance ^^ 
I didn't record his performance coz I knew that will not goes well
Everytime I saw him I'm super excited and can't hold my camera properly :)

P/s :
Am I have been miss or mistake something ?
Just comment below ^^