Saturday, March 30, 2013


Actually I had love them since their debut
But still not sure if i'm really one of their fan
Now I've been sure about this, I love almost all of their song =D

Jung Eun Ji @ Eunji
(My first ever bias in A-Pink and the one who make me love A-Pink too 
I've been love her since debut and my eyes only on her ^o^
I like everything about her and for who she really was =D)

Actually I didn't decide yet my next favourite member after Eunji
Every members have their own charming and attraction 
Then I will just post them below ^_^

Park Chorong
( omo,she the leader and why not she be the one?)

Son Naeun
( She's cute ^_^ )

Hong Yookyung
( She quite attractive too :D )

Yoon Bomi
( She's pretty ^^ )

Oh Hayoung
( Even she the maknae,she looks matured =) )

Kim Namjoo
( She have her own charming ^^)

p/s : Am I Pink Panda now ? ^^

Friday, March 22, 2013


Yeah finally! Malaysia on the list :D
I've been always waiting for this moment
Thanks YG appa ! Thanks GD oppa !
Saranghamnida! ^^

Thanks for the support from international fans too
I've been touched :') coz i never thought that
Kamsahamnida VIPs :) Saranghamnida VIPs :)

Hope all VIPs in the world get the chance too :)


P/s : 
Hopefully I can grab the ticket again and meet him again and again! ^^
GD mansae! 3x

Saturday, March 9, 2013


se7en oppa a.k.a Choi Dong Wook will go to his enlistment soon! ~~~
He will go for his national service on 19 March 2013
Even I'm not his fans but I love his song too :)

YG family show their support on his last concert :')
One of them was his Big Bang hubae 

I will always miss this couple :( 
Handsome Choi brothers! (Ah, poor Tabi~ )

Choi Seunghyun X Choi Dongwook

Thank you se7en oppa :) we will miss you always :)
we always waiting for your comeback from army :)

p/s : Oppa gajima! ~
If Big Bang turn, I dunno what's my reaction then (>.<)
Ah wae! why all of this happen ? 

Friday, March 8, 2013


Happy belated birthday February! :)

Song Qian@Victoria 
f(x)'s leader
2 February 1987

Pyo Jihoon@P.O
Block B's maknae
2 February 1993

Choi Sooyoung@Sooyoung
SNSD's member
10 February 1990

Lee Changsub@Changsub
BTOB's member
26 February 1991

Lee Chaerin@ CL
2NE1's leader
26 February 1991

Yoo Chang Hyun@Ricky
Teen Top's member
27 February 1995

P/s : Happy belated birthday CL X) 
Happy birthday Eonnie :D Happy Birthday Dongsaeng :D