Friday, March 30, 2012


I found a bus with YG wallpaper on it
Then, I was so curious and follow the bus

Then, when the bus stopped at some places
I found there was BIG BANG !

Then I went to that places and got picture together with them ^ ^

P/s : I dreaming them when I saw their pic and vid in Thailand :)
So envious ~ 


I went for an event and stand on the back seat
Then, I meet Jaehyo ( Block B's member ) and one of Infinite's member
But I didn't remember which one the Infinite's member

Everyone didn't noticed them
Maybe they focused to the event and no time for look their back ^ ^
I took that oppurtunity chatting with them and took picture 

P/s : Where Zico ? U-kwon ? P.O ? 
Why I have dream of Infinite ?
Haha ^ ^
Its wierd coz  they were not my fav :)


My dream have two part :)

There was a free cookies event from "You Are Beautiful" drama
I've managed catch few cookies from main actress. Park Shin Hye


I have bought my favourite cookies
Then I saw Taeyang oppa :)

Then I gave him my favourite cookies and wrote message for Big Bang members

P/s : Yong - yong oppa <3 why u not appear ? ^ ^

Friday, March 16, 2012


I have posted my preview on Big Bang vs Running Man Part II before
Thats my preview when I watched "ON AIR"
No English sub and always loading and have to wait patiently T_T
This time I have watched them clearly with English subbed
Then, I realize I've got wrong fact there 
Mianhe everyone (^ ^)

This was my recover preview on Big Bang vs Running Man Part 2
Based on my previous post, 
I have mention wrongly about Running Man's consecution 

- Gary OUT first when he takes the lift
What a unexpected meeting when TY and GD wanna takes that lift too
Then, TY just rips his nametag

- Then, Ji Hyo was OUT ! 
SR found her first and fooling around XD
Ji Hyo no time for unlocked a door and DS came and rips her nametag

- GD meets Gwangsoo and Jong Kook ( Giraffe and Tiger )
Gwangsoo have betrayed and reveal Haha's location
GD tear off his nametag slowly and rip it off
Then, Jong Kook have escaped from Big Bang with a flash

- GD found Suk Jin hiding in a comfortable place and rip it again

- Jong Kook - Big Bang used their magic ring and spell
GD rip his nametag with the power of magic

- Jae Suk was surrounded by Big Bang and TOP rip it off with no mercy :p

- GD want to take revenge on Haha
He played the same game with Haha
Then on the second time, GD rip his nametag with satisfied

A final match between TY and Gary to determine the winner
Then, TY successful rip Gary's nametag
Good job Taeyang ^ ^

I love the moment when they cooperate with female staff
They just helping them wthout hesitation
Female staff who take oppurtunity to saw Big Bang "LIVE" in front of their eyes
What a luckiest fan ^ ^
I'm so envious of them !
* wanna work there T_T *

p/s : When GD says "Annenyonghaseyo " with his soft voice,
my heart melting and feels like wanna dropped XDD
His voice really killing me :DD

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm watching them on air AGAIN ! ! ! :D
And absolutely without english sub :(
Ah, why i'm not understand Korean languange :(
* I have tried learning but only the basic,
 I need a tutor and a class A.S.A.P ! *

Okay here we go :)
Big Bang VS Running Man (Part 2)

- Big Bang be the attacker.
They were in action ^ ^ Yeah !
Its BIG BANG time !

- GD want to take revenge on Haha !

-RM have to complete their mission. 
They have to find someone with contracts 

- Unfortunately, Ji Hyo OUT first !
Her nametag ripped by DS
Good start Daesung ! 

- Gwang Soo was captured by GD and OUT !
But Jong Kook that have to tied with Gwang Soo have escaped !

- Gary's nametag was ripped by TY in a flash !
Wow, TY you was so COOL ^ ^

- Suk Jin was captured by GD again !
Everyone were not shocked if Suk Jin was really easy to captured, LOL

- Big Bang united and make a spell on Jong Kook.
They use their magic ring and called Jong Kook and ripped his nametag 
* Already thought they will choose Jong Kook ^ ^*

- Jae suk captured by TOP

- GD captured and ripped Haha's nametag 
* At last, he have took his revenge on Haha ^ ^ *
GD have captured 3 person in RM :) 

- BIG BANG wins ! ! ! Yeah XDD

P/s : If have any false fact or I've missed,
Let me know ya :D
Thanks for viewing :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


" I am the Lorax,
I speak for the trees,
I am the forest's guardian "

This was my first movie in 3D
Although its a bit expensive futhermore its on weekend
But never mind as long I'm enjoyed the movie :D

The story that awareness us about our mother nature nowadays
Never ignore them or else we will be regret with no ends

Btw The Lorax was so cutie <3  
The story was full of fantasy and overloaded funnies cuteness cartoon :D

P/s :
This not just a cartoon but a story full of lessons 
Please take a good care of our mother nature :DD

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yeah, finally i'm watching them on SBS (ON AIR!!!)
But without english subbed :(  Must get the subbed vid !
Big Bang VS Running Man EP 84 (Part 1)

Big Bang makes entrance with helicopters ( Supercool !!! )

MC was joking and pairing RM and BIG BANG ^ ^

Taeyang VS GAEyang (_AE)
Daesung VS Jongguk (hair)
Seungri VS Sukjin (abs ??)
TOP VS Gwangsoo (height)
GD VS Ghyo (G...)

- The venue in Natural Death Museum 
( Big Bang went first to the location ! )

- Big Bang will complete the mission and hiding

- RM being the attackers

- Big Bang need to find a Running Man scratch paper 

- TOPDAE moment <3 

- YB and Daesung got the correct paper ^ ^

- GD was found by Haha 3 times and Haha gave him chances

- SR found a bunch of bells and wanna fooling RM and at last he trapped
SR OUT first !

- TOP have been pursued and Suk Jin have rip his tag
Then BANG ! Suk Jin automaticly OUT !
Then, TOP OUT !
( who got BANG sign when they rip tag, will be OUT automaticly )


- GD OUT and JAE SUK was BANG ! JAE SUK OUT too !

- TY only the survival and can't escaped, TY OUT !

P/s : Catch up them next week on 11 March :D
Big Bang will be in action :D
* If have any false fact or i've missed, let me know :D *
Thanks for viewing :DD

Friday, March 2, 2012


Everybody including ME (of course :D) have been waiting for this 
Finally, they have made their comeback on the end of February
* clapping and cheering *
But I was late for celebrating and posting * working =.= *
Never mind as long as I am a VIP and have heard their "ALIVE" album tracks ^ ^
Better late than never rite ? :D

Their songs was so DAEBAK :DD
I love all their tracks and MV

My favourite track was ... ... ...
1) BLUE (definitely ^ ^) plus MV
2) BAD BOY and MV

P/s : Have u heard ? What yours ? :)