Saturday, April 13, 2013


Saengil chukae (^o^)

omo,its my birthday today xD
And i've been plus one year today *andwaeee~*

Even how old I am and how many I've been celebrated my birthday
I'm still like this :)
* still loving korean things and k-pop and always been in korea fandom *
This things make me so happy and bring me happiness :DD

Never regret since 2008! haha ^.^

peace yaw! ^_^

can i get this for my b-day? lol daydreaming a lot! huh!

p/s : I've same age with Seungri oppa :D
(even he had same age,still wanna call him oppa too xD)
Anyway in Korea, they had to add a year tho 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I really really envious of these girls
( Even  some of them not a real one )
Their husband really understand their fangirl thing
Even they like that,they still support their wifey obsession no matter what ^^
This was what fangirl really really want! ^^ Support!

Yoon Yoon Jae x Sung Shi Won
[Tony Ahn and H.O.T hardcore fans!]
(drama : Answer Me 1997)
- Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji

Yoon Tae Woong x The doctor
[Junsu and TVXQ hardcore fans!]
(drama : Answer Me 1997)
- Song Jong Ho and Lee Joo Yeon( After school's member)

Han Ga In x Yun Jung Hoon
[GD and Big Bang hardcore fans!]
- Actress and Actor

Komoto Junichi and his wife(on first and fourth picture starting from left)
[TOP and Big Bang hardcore fans!]
- Komoto Junichi(Japanese comedian) and start being a Big Bang's fan

I think there was so many couples like this but can't find others for now >.<
You can drop comments below for others ^^

p/s : I really need someone like their husband
who was really really understand their wifey obsession ^o^
If my future husband was a k-poppers too that was a bonus to me :)
I'm really glad if we can sharing our obsession together ^^


Did you guys knew him ?

Bang Yedam from KPOP STAR 2
This boy had his own swag! He was really talented! 
He remind me of GD when he was kid xD

I love both of them xD

p/s : He's the future GD :3
You're pretty with long hair but better don't >.<
I love your short hair ^^
Noona will support you,little boy :D

Friday, April 5, 2013


Happy belated birthday March! :D

Lee Hong Ki @ Hongki
2 March 1990
FT Island's member

Park Cho Rong @ Chorong
3 March 1991
A-Pink's leader

Choi Jong Hoon @ Jonghoon
7 March 1990
FT Island's leader

Lim Hyun Sik @ Hyunsik
7 March 1992
BTOB's member

Kim Tae Yeon @ Taeyeon
9 March 1989
SNSD's leader

Shin Dong Geun @ Peniel
10 March 1993
BTOB's member

Shin Soo Hyun @ Soohyun
11 March 1989
U-KISS's leader

 Kim Kyoung Jae @ Eli
13 March 1991
U-KISS's member

Kim Myung Soo @ L
13 March 1992
INFINITE's member

Lee Park Bom @ Bommie
24 March 1984
2NE1's member

Lee Ho Won @ Hoya
28 March 1991
INFINITE's member

Choi Jin Ri @ Sulli
29 March 1994
F(x)'s member

p/s : So many of them ^^  My favourite idols increase ^^
Btw Malaysian Blackjack (include me of course ^_^) been wished Park Bom in Malaysia at Twin Tower @live 2013 in Kuala Lumpur
Here the picture :) credit to the uploader :)