Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hello there ^o^ Annyeong ^o^

Sorry for not updates *bow*
I dunno how many I've to said sorry
But I reluctant to say sorry again
I like to keep my good manners :)

I've problem with lines and works ~~~
Poor lines/lots of work/etc

Actually its hard to updates coz I can't open my facebook acc
As I said before,I always updates there .......
Ya u knew office restricted things~~~
( futhermore line here TT.TT 
ughhh ~ I dunno whats wrong
even with smartphone too T^T )

okay back to my words
I've been thinking that I want to continue my personal blog in tumblr
Means all my thoughts/experience like I did in this blog ^^

For now I have a tumblr but not really my personal blog I guess
Coz I keep RE-BLOG and touch button LIKE toward what I love

Okay if I have been ready to continue SHINE MY LIFE into tumblr
I will let u guys know ^^
Anyway don't worry coz I will not ever delete this blog ^^

Here my tumblr acc for now :) Feel free to visit and follow mine ^^

p/s : ah when I want to start SHINE MY LIFE in tumblr ><

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


After few months,
I had dream a glimpse of G-RI couple and GD
GD's picture was here and there and everywhere 
All of them were around me

Maybe I've not been dream about him for a long time ~
Please come to my dreamland again and again xD

p/s : I'm craving for g-ri ! xD *love*

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Its May's turn :D
Happy Belated Birthday May! ^^

Yook Sungjae @ Sungjae
BTOB's member
2 May 1995

Kim Tae Min @ Siwoo
C-clown's member
5 May 1993

Lee Jong Hyun @ Jonghyun
CN BLUE's member
15 May 1990

Lee Sun Kyu @ Sunny
SNSD's member
15 May 1989

Heo Ga Yoon @ Gayoon
4 Minute's member
18 May 1990

Dong Young Bae @ Taeyang
BIG BANG's member
18 May 1988

Aron Kwak
NU'EST's member
21 May 1993

Lee Yejin @ Ailee
Korean's solo singer/Actress
30 May 1989

Im Yoona @ Yoona
SNSD's member
30 May 1990 

p/s : What an adorable silly Sungjae! xD
Taeyang oppa, I really miss your old haircut ><