Saturday, February 23, 2013


SR : GD hyung, are you there ? *peek his back*

GD : I'm always behind you maknae :)

TY : (keep calm and only face foward)

SR : But why GD hyung face the side.New trend ? I wanna face the side too :D
*follow him face the side xD*

GD : Why u following me ? Yah, maknae face foward!

SR : I wanna look cool too and btw looks foward seem bored

Staff(in front of Seungri) : Was he talking about me ? (LOL maknae :p)

DS : Feel like TOP hyung stare me but maybe my imagination 

TOP : I'm always looking at you Dae xD *stare*

DS : Hyung (gulp) ...........
(just face the side and didn't brave to peek up his back)

p/s : Actually I have no idea to do this scenario~
My favorite scenario was always this ^^

Friday, February 15, 2013


I found this from a blog :) Its kinda tag question to me ^^
And just feel free to answer them ^^
You guys must try too :D

01. Who was the first Korean Band you heard?
Super Junior 
(still love them but I'm not an ELF yet until now ) 

02. Who's the most recent Korean Band you've heard?
For now always heard their songs,BTOB and Teen Top ^^

03. Who's your favorite KoreanBand?

04. Name 6 other Bands you Like:
Block B/FT Island/Teen Top/BTOB/CN Blue/Nu'est

05. Are you a fangirl/boy?
Definitely I'm 150% a FANGIRL ^_^

06. If yes, of Who?
G-dragon/Big Bang/my favorite k-pop groups

07. Do you learn the dances?
I just learn more to their movement ^^ 

08. Do you like Super Junior?
Yeah, I love them :)

09. What's your favourite SuJu song?
No Other/Bonamana/Mr.Simple

10. Do you like hip hop groups or non hip hop?
More to hip hop groups and like non hip hop too ^^

11. What's the first Korean song you heard?
Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

12. What's the last song you heard?
G-dragon - One of a kind
I'm addict to GD's solo and have been played many times xD

13. Have you ever been to any Korean concerts?
I've been to concerts and fan meetings :D
7 times in my country for now :)

14. What would you do if you saw any Korean idol walking down the street in your town?
Meet and Greet/Autograph/Take picture and etc xD

15. Which K-Idol are you most in love/lust with?
G-dragon, my ultimate bias xD

16. Which three idols would you most love to meet in person (Dead or alive)?
1. G-dragon
2. Seungri (Big Bang)
3. CL (2NE1)

17. Three things you would like to say to/ask them?
G-dragon - I love your music and I love you! (heart)
Seungri - Please take care of GD and I only count on you Riri! ^^ G-RIsm =D
CL - I wanna be talented and pretty like you :D

18. Which three idols can you relate to most?
G-dragon - A type! Have different personalities on stage and out from stage ^^
(Me too have different personalities in different places and A type too! xD)
Kiseop (U-kiss) - He looks shy and silent and well manner :)
(Just like me ^^ and not praise myself about well manner thing :P)
Dongho (U-kiss) - Seem he follow his own mood and his surrounding ^^
(sometime I would be talkative and will depend on my mood (:)

19. Which three Korean songs do you constantly replay?
1. Last Farewell - Big Bang
2. Crayon - G-dragon
3. That XX - G-dragon

20. Do you have any idols as your background?
Of course I did xD
G-dragon for lappy and G-RI couple for handphone xD

21. Which idol would you most like to get fashion/makeup advice from?
G-dragon and CL (2NE1) ! skydragon xD

22. Do you read K-Idol fan fiction?
Sometimes ^^

23. What is your favourite K-Idol related dream?
Its obviously Mr.G ^^

24. How many Korean MP3s do you have?
I never calculate them.Okay let see ~
My storage around 2 GB and above xD

25. And, finally, if you could sleep with any three idols, who would they be?
1. G-dragon
2. G-dragon
3. G-dragon

P/s : I love doing this ^^ Its fun :DD

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Which wink do you think the best ?
 I love all of them ! XD

Mischevious wink from Tabi xD
Lol both of his eyes winks :p
TOP like a cute kid here ^^ 

Shy wink from youngbae ^^
His eyes small and hard to wink I guess :)
The best eye smile in Big Bang ! :D

Sweet wink as cotton candy from Daesung ^^
Ah he really cute angel :3
I'm sure many fans will fall to his wink xD

Short maknae wink from Riri xD
His wink like he said he want you ! ^^
Riri : Yeah, I want you :D

cute kid wink from GD ^^
Looks like he had a hard time for his wink Lol :P
omo cute wink from my bias xD

P/s : All of them tried their best for the winks ^^ 
Hope you guys enjoy ! ^^

Sunday, February 10, 2013


As a Malaysian and a hardcore k-pop fans,
I'm really proud of him ^^

He has got 2nd place in K-pop Star Hunt 2
He the only one from our country ^^
Before this,I just knew him from the reality programme-Akademi Fantasia 9
I knew him as a k-pop fans in that reality programme with "Annyeonghaseyo" trademark :)
Now, he has proved that he can do it ^^
I really proud of his effort :D

Okay Erul, I hope that you will success in your life ! ^^
Keep fighting ! Noona will support you ^^

P/s : I heard he had been accept as a trainee under Cube Entertainment ^^
Whoah ! send my regard to all Cube artists especially BTOB !
I'm a Melody / 4NIA / Pink Panda ! ^^

Friday, February 8, 2013


GD was on stage and I was in front of the stage with other VIPs
Our seat was really close one to the stage ( maybe VVIP seat LOL )
GD came nearly to our seat and hold a packet of tissue 
He gave VIP beside me a piece of tissue
I wanna grab that tissue too but find out that was his last tissue
I'm akward and just hold the plastic of that tissue
Didn't grab the last tissue ( just thought maybe he wanna use it )
GD was smiling and hold my hand for a second :)

This dreaming was a wierd dream too XD 

p/s : I think this all about the rumor and I've begin dream of him again ^^


I have been saw my ultimate bias on my country's stage just for 3 times only
He have been here for 3 times too 
I hope I can see him again and again XD
* still not enough LOL :p *

Big Bang only once when Alive Tour in my country
For TOP and Seungri have been saw them for 2 times only
( Regarding they attend Korean Music Wave 2011 with GD )

I can't help my feeling to bought those tickets
Just to saw him and them on stage XD I couldn't miss the chance :^^
The most expensive one when I bought ticket for Alive Tour 
Maybe the most expensive will be on GD World Tour ? 
* who knows rite ? ^^ * 

If I were in South Korea now, 
I dunno how many times I will seen him on the stage LOL :P
Every year I would collect and saving money for Big Show/fan meeting/merchandie/etc
Its sure need a lots of money =,=

p/s : Jebal ! Please ! Hopefully the rumor will be true soon ~