Saturday, July 28, 2012


Since BIG BANG was a hot topic among k-poppers these days
Also BIG BANG was my ultimate k-pop band 
I'm making my own Q&A about them 
Lets start and please scroll down ^ ^

Q : When did I knew them ? 
A : Haru-Haru mv
 (A big thanks to my little sis for introduced them :D)
If not her,I can't even recognized them and k-pop world until now LOL :p

Q : My first impression ?
A : I love their song and gangster styles and appearances
But not hard enough to gave me their impact

Q : When I started being one of their fans ?
A : I've been interested with them in Lollipop mv (wif 2NE1)
I love the colourful scenes and appearances, song and voice
Then  I decided to getting knew them well and be their VIPs until now (^ ^)
(Thanks so much my BFF for bringing up them in my memory)
If not, I can't be their VIP :P
p/s : This when I knew 2NE1 and be their fan :D

Q : Who is my bias ? (Very Important Q)
A : When I start knew them on Haru-Haru mv,
I was facinated by G-DRAGON <3
Even until now my bias always him :D I'm a GD VIP !

Q : Why I'm choose him as my bias ?
A : Even not everyone cant see his cuteness, but I am XD
Everything about him would be my favourites
His killer-smile, hairstyles, appearances, attitudes and etc
No doubt ! 

Q : Why I'm choose them as my ultimate k-pop band ?
A : They've five different styles, voices, appearances, attitudes and etc
All of this makes them very unique ^ ^
They even sang and rap on their own music XD I love their musics <3

Q : My list ?

Q : My first concert experience ?
A : Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia
( I've been there only because there was GD, TOP and VI  XD)

Q : My percentages about BIG BANG ? (Full Mark 100%)
A : 99.9 % 
( Nobody perfect LOL :D )

Q : My favourite pairing ?
A : GD and SEUNGRI became G-RI <3
TOP and DAESUNG became TODAE <3
GD and TAEYANG became GDYB <3
GD and TOP became GDTOP <3

P/s : Why I'm not recognized and be their VIP when their starting in YG and debut ?
Why I'm not recognized k-pop back then ?
U can tried for ur own too and dont forget sharing wif me ya ^ ^

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak :D
Especially for Muslims :D
Light up our Ramadhan's spirit :D
Do our best along this precious month :D

P/s : K-pop Korean jugak,
Ibadat harus dilaksanakan dan diutamakan :DD
Happy fasting all :D


Hello Hello ! Wassup BBC !
Here good new for global BBC including Malaysian BBC (^ ^)
There was a camp with our BLOCK B XD
Yeah ! Here the details guys :D

So how ? I think this was the best fan meeting ever !
Every BBC will get the precious chances XD
Please refer to their official FB

But, the fact : I can't going there T_T
No extra money ! Available in Korea only !
Oh my Zico, P.O, U-kwon, Kyung, Taeil, B-Bomb and Jaehyo <3
I can't meet u there guys :(

P/s : Please make BLOCK B Tour Camp soon ! Jebal !
Please enjoyed and sharing with us lucky BBC ! I'm so envious !

Friday, July 13, 2012


O.M.G ! The details have been out guys (^ ^)
Just look at the seating plan
It will explain you everything :D

Their tickets can be purchased at Ticketcharge and Redtix on
28 JULY 2012
( Tru online and maybe ticket booth )
Only a total of 12,000 tickets will be available for sale
So be ready guys :D
Hope we all can survived with our VIP's spirit (^ ^)

Actually, I can't choose either wanna CAT 1 VIP or CAT 2 @_@
Every seat have its own advantages

- CAT 1 VIP is seating seat (maybe numbered seat) with a excellent and full view of that concert
But If I'm late maybe I'll be on back seat * sigh *
Maybe there's will be extra fan service (Not sure about it ~)

- CAT 2 is standing corner with more closer view but
maybe need little effort and spirit for standing there for  hours
* Need more energy and stamina *
Can jumping and enjoying the moment with them XD
Maybe if we're lucky, get extra fan service here like Japan's VIP

P/s : I have been pre booking ticket with BB1st for CAT 2
( BB1st only received pre booking for CAT 2, 3, 5 and 7 )
** Only for Malaysian VIP **
I hope I can trust them ! Its my effort for a long time !

How about u guys ? Have decided which one ?