Saturday, June 30, 2012


Happy birthday to them in June :DDD

Kim Jae Seop@ AJ
4 June 1991
U-kiss's member

Kim Hyun A@ Hyuna
6 June 1992
4 Minute's member

Tony Ahn
7 June 1978
H.O.T's leader

Kim Jong Hyun@JR (Junior Royal)
8 June 1995
NUE'ST's leader

Lee Min Ho
22 June 1987
Korean's actor

Jung Yong Hwa@Yonghwa
22 June 1989
CN Blue's leader

Shin Dong Ho@Dongho
29 June 1994
U-Kiss's maknae

P/s : I love them all XDDD
They're so so so charming and beautiful *wink*

Friday, June 22, 2012


This time were much more exciting dream
I've got a tight hug from maknae Seungri (^ ^)
* Sorry for Seungri's VIP, just my luck in my dream :) *
Its a Big Bang fan meeting
I have meet GD first, but didn't get a chance for a hug *sigh*
Then, meet maknae Seungri and got a hug ^ ^
I can feel his manly body and especially his abs LOL XD
After that, I wanna meet GD again for a hug but suddenly my alarm clock was ringing
* still tried hard for a hug :D *
Aishhh, why suddenly I must woke up on this time !
Hmmmpphhh =.=
Never got a chance meet others member too ~
Maybe in the next dream 

P/s : Even its just a sweet dream but its really makes me happy XD
Btw there's G-RI :DDDD
Ni semua sebab Big Bang Alive Tour in Malaysia, sampai termimpi-mimpi (^ ^)
kekekekeke XDDD

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Late for posting again ? * sigh *
I'm sorry guys coz very busy these days
However, at least i'm posting the entry rite ?
Happy belated birthday for them :D

Lee Soon Kyu@Sunny
SNSD's member
15 May 1989

Dong Yong Bae@Taeyang@SOL
BIG BANG's member
18 May 1988

Heo Ga Yoon@Gayoon
4 Minute's member
18 May 1990

P/s : Sunny was a gorgeous unnie :D
Love her <3

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Finally; i've found another my favourite k-pop group
Its hard to choose you know ^ ^
Okay, this time was a hot and popular boy group

U-Kiss :DDD

I've been heard their songs in the past as I said in the older post rite ?
Since there's no Xander and Kim Bum
* I'm really sad for both of them T_T They was so amazing tho *
Btw Hoon and AJ was so amazing too :D
I can't make desicion who's better 
Everyone got their own charming ^ ^
I love "before" and "after" U-kiss
Thats all :DDD

Soo Hyun <3
Yes ! I'm falling for this guy ^ ^
* Didnt know why must i've been falling to a leader like before :D *

He's different based on situation but I love his attitude :D

Eli was my friend's bias ^ ^
He looks HOT in blonded hair :D

Hoon <3
He looks cute and charming tho ^ ^

Kevin <3
I can't resist him, I love him like everyone else
He so cute and brightening ^ ^

He was a cute baby maknae :D

P/s : Plus one more group in the list XDDDD

P/s : I dont know why I should take a long time to love them
Anyway my type blood was A
( Hard to make decision and loyal  ^ ^)


I really love this group since they debut
I'm a BBC :D
I'm didn't get the chance to be closer with them and even the stage T_T
That makes me very sad and disappointed with this event
* But maybe next time I will :D *
I'm just waving and singing from far 
Much jealousy for who got VIP pass and autographed pass
* If I knew where I can buy them, will buy right away *

There's no Zico T_T I hope he will get well soon :)

Park Kyung make a cute pose (^ ^)

Peace yaw (^ ^)

How far isn't ? Hmphhh
I wanna see them clearly T_T

I'm really regret for being late here *Its my fault T_T*
But once i'll redeem my mistake when have the chance
Btw I've grabbed a nice poster from the event
It's not easy when u've to snatching with other fans LOL :D

BLOCK B, please meet up with Malaysian BBC again someday
* Really hope there will be a fair ticket and not doing free concert in a mall
Its really troubled and suck ! *

P/s : I'm always late for being early on a event
There always have something undone to do
This was bad , huuuuu ^ ^


Sorry for the bad quality photos and videos (:
Hope u guys enjoyed :))

Actually I'm not a "Kiss Me" but maybe I've been their fans now XD
I've been listen to their songs in the past until now
After took a long time and even went to their concert,
Finally I've make a decision that wanna get know them well :D

I've been there around 7 pm and waiting for U-kiss being on stage
There was so many fans and I've no chance for joined the fans zone
Then, I just standing outside from fans zone and starting regret for being late
I've been standing close to media area and VIP area
There's nothing to do just enjoyed the moments and much of jealousy ^ ^
Okay lets keep on to the straight point :D

The moments when Kiss Me have been waiting for
U-Kiss began playing on stage with "Binguel Binguel" :DD

Okay, these was my view when zooming from outside of fans zone
Actually, its a bit satisfied than nothing (:
Just screaming, singing and waving from far
Here the "Binguel Binguel" short video

Then, there was an intro from U-kiss :D
Hoon was very excited and forgot introduce his name LOL XD
Here the short video :)

U-kiss continued with "Dora Dora"
I've got chance enter VIP zone on this song XD Unbelieveable :DD
But YES ! Its true :)) Maybe my luck on that day ^ ^
On the beginning, this was my view

Then, ABRACADABRA *Poof !*
I've got these view (^ ^)

How close isn't ? I can't believe it too ^ ^
I only few metres away from the stage
I've been screaming, waving, even fanchant with others ^ ^ *overexcited*
* Just if my camera was fine, certainly i'll got HQ/HD photos T_T *
Mianhae guys :(
Anyway enjoy the "Dora Dora" video (:

Next, U-kiss performing "0330"

Here the "0330" video (:

They've been introduce for 2nd times

Soo Hyun <3 <3 <3

Here the short video of them (:

There's have chattering and playing games with fans
Only 3 lucky fans was picked by them for danced to Man Man Ha Ni song
They're so lucky and i'm so envious with them T T
They've got meet up, autograph card and even hug each member of U-kiss T_T
* If I'm only get this chance :( *

Then, U-kiss performing "Neverland"
* I've been addicted to this song lately ^ ^ *

Here the "Neverland" video (:

Next, U-kiss performing "Everyday"

Here the "Everyday" video (:

Finally, they doing encore by performing "Man Man Ha Ni"

Here the "Man Man Ha Ni" video (:

P/s : I'm gonna be a Kiss Me :D
Hey, Kiss Me :D I'm your new members :))
Anneyonghaseyo :DD
Soo Hyun <3
Hoon <3
Kevin <3
AJ <3
Kiseop <3
Eli <3
Dongho <3